Dr. Simon Allen

University of Bristol, United Kingdom
University of Zurich, University of Western Australia

Simon Allen is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Bristol, a Research Associate at the University of Zurich, and an Adjunct Research Fellow at the University of Western Australia. His research interests include the social and foraging behaviour of dolphins, and assessing the impacts of fisheries, tourism and climate breakdown on marine fauna. Improved wildlife conservation and better management of the ways in which humans interact with wildlife are the end goals.

Dr. Allen has thus far published over 60 scientific articles (as well as a few book chapters and species accounts) on dolphins, whales, reptiles and other fauna. He first ventured to Shark Bay in the year 2000, was left in awe, and has been returning ever since.

Simon is a PI at Shark Bay Dolphin Research, an obsessed field biologist, photographer and drone pilot, and now often works with production companies and film crews in order to spread the good word about the natural world. You can follow his occasional rants about politics, the environment or how much he loves dogs on Twitter: @SimonJAllen1.