Donate (formerly how can you help)

Donate (formerly how can you help)

The Dolphin Alliance Project has established a non-profit 501c3 Foundation in the US.  US citizens contributing to The Dolphin Alliance Project, Inc. may claim a tax deduction.

Given the current science funding climate, we will be depending increasingly on private donations to sustain our long-term study. Your contributions will be critical to keep this
incredible dolphin research going!

Current needs: assistance with our 2015 field season. Our annual  budget for a five month field season is $18,000, which includes travel to the field site. A $3,000 contribution will keep our team of four in the field for an entire month! (that much may run a molecular biology lab for one day or a large physics project for ten minutes!).

Every contribution helps! Every $100 goes a long way (e.g. we can spend a full day and half on the water for that amount!)

Future needs for 2016: in addition to our field season budget we are starting a new project on the formation of  alliances in maturing males. This exciting project will focus on developing alliance behavior among  a set of 6-12 year old males. The  Ph.D. student leading this study  needs $7,500 in specialized equipment. If we raise some of the needed funds in time we can obtain preliminary data with the new equipment during the 2015 season!

We also hope to acquire a new boat for The Dolphin Alliance Project for the 2016 field season. If someone donates funds for our new boat we will allow the donor to name the new boat in memory of a loved one.

Send donations and inquiries to:

The Dolphin Alliance Project, Inc.
c/o Dr. Richard Connor
41 Maple St.
New Bedford, MA 02740